Who are we?

We are local business owners, working together with one another to help, support, nurture and expand our local fellow businesses. Together we can build a bigger, brighter future for our local business community by learning from each other and building our business’s brand awareness. We are a Not-for-Profit Association, offering a relaxed, no pressure environment where you can build real relationships with your fellow business people.

We meet at 9:00am on the last Friday of every month at Calypso Bay Recreation Centre Cafe. We also run community events throughout the year.

Whether attending network meetings or upcoming events, we believe that you will achieve a positive outcome from your involvement with NGCBC. We are excited to meet you and get to know your business and your goals. We are an all-inclusive organisation and welcome people from businesses of any industry or background. All we ask is that you bring a warm smile and your business cards. You will find everyone is here to welcome you, get to know you and support you.

Get involved!

We would like to extend a welcome to you with the first two networking events FREE. Yes, you heard right, FREE of charge for the first two meetings. All you need to do is purchase a coffee from the café and you are good to go. After your first two meetings we will invite you to become a member and send you an invoice. Membership is currently $120 per annum from 1 September to 31 August and if you join at a later time it will be pro rata from then. It works out to only $10 per month. If you would rather a monthly payment, we can do that too for just $15 per month. If you are ready to dive in now simply head to our Registration page and enter your details.


“Being in business can be tough sometimes, especially if you don’t have a network of like-minded people to turn to when you need support.”

Family members and friends always want what is best for you. They may even feel like you would be better off with a “normal” job with a regular income, no risks, and no surprises; we are a different kind.

Entrepreneurs often like to combine their passion with opportunities to help others. It takes courage to conquer fears and to embrace and manage risk. When you leave the house, you probably often hear words like “Drive safe,” but rarely, if ever, do you hear “Have lots of fun driving!” That’s because loved ones generally want to protect you from the pitfalls rather than help you develop skills and express talents.

Running a business is something many people will never understand, and that’s okay. Because of this, your friends and family aren’t always the right people to look to for guidance or to share your entrepreneurial ideas and dreams. So, who are the right people?

Your fellow entrepreneurs of course! These are the people who understand what it means to start and build a business. They are mentors, movers, positive people who have been knocked down and picked themselves up again. People who must navigate the uncertainty of the business world and remain committed to their goals.

NGCBC is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who get what it’s like, understand what it takes and like to support each other in any way that we can. We are proud of the place we live in, and we are proud of the achievements of our local businesspeople and personalities.

Join us and shine like the star that you are!

Our Management Team

Moana Howard


Owner: JMR Promo

Krystil Ryan


Owner: Sumz Plus

Tiffany Ryan


Owner: Balloons By Tiffany

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